What is Verdello®?

Verdello® is a 100% bio-sourced paint, the first one in our Robingreen® range. It is an extra-matt interior wall paint. Verdello® is made from tall oil, and is an entirely natural paint sourced from the world of plants.

What is a bio-sourced paint?

Modern acrylic and glycerol paints contain resins produced by the petrochemicals industry. The trend in the commodities market in the 2010s, which involved shortages of some oil-based raw materials, as well as a steady increase in the oil price, encouraged researchers to focus on plant-based chemistry, in order to obtain paints that use renewable resources, like bio-sourced alkyd resins or polymerised vegetable oils (flaxseed, tall, and sunflower, etc.). Paint is considered to be bio-sourced if at least 95% of the components that it contains are plant-based.

What about Verdello®?

Verdello® is a 100% bio-sourced paint that also offers the same technical and physical properties as conventional acrylic paints.  Its performance is characteristic of a high-quality wall paint, since it is easy to apply, dries smoothly, and has a good whiteness. Verdello® is easy to maintain, as it is washable and scrubbable. This new paint, which is primarily manufactured from plant-based, renewable and non-toxic sources, meets all the current standards, such as REACH. It does not contain any VOCs (0 g per litre), any APEO, or any co-solvents. This means that it is particularly environmentally-friendly and kind to your health.

Why use a paint like Verdello®?

Current research shows that all the enclosed areas in which we live contain large amounts of airborne chemical pollutants.

Although the sources of pollution are very varied, paints, glues, furniture and floor coverings are considered to be widely responsible in reports on the risks and dangers posed by excessive indoor pollution.

The results of the latest studies are extremely alarming from the standpoint of risks to public health. They show that it is crucial to choosing environmentally-friendly decorating and finishing products, which are better for your health and more environmentally-friendly, and can replace conventional products, which are largely responsible for this pollution.

Verdello® is a paint that is kind to your health: An independent research institute has shown that this paint does not discharge any emissions either into the air, water, or soil. Its COV* content is zero.

It therefore has an extremely limited impact on the quality of indoor air, and is non-toxic for humans.

However, painting the inside of your home with Verdello® offers other benefits:

- it has a high covering power
- it is washable and scrubbable (tested by an institute, and ranked in Class 1 according to the ISO 11998 and EN 13300 standards)
- it is easy to apply
- it has no odour
- elle est inodore
- it is ideal for children’s rooms
- it has a deep matt finish for a warm indoor look

*What is COV content? Organic volatile compounds, or VOCs
The volatile organic compound category includes several thousand compounds (hydrocarbons, and solvents, etc.), with very variable characteristic features. These compounds have a very direct impact on your health (some of them are toxic or carcinogenic). They are gases that contain carbon, like petrol fumes and solvents.

N.B.: Please note that no paint manufacturer can present their products as “organic” paints, as the components used to manufacture paint do not come from organic agriculture.

A carbon footprint that is as small as possible: Verdello® is also an environmentally-friendly paint:

Our laboratory researchers, who were concerned about developing a product with a minimal carbon footprint, used raw materials that all came from European sources, and so reduced transport distances.

The entire life cycle of this paint was designed as part of this approach, from its manufacture in our plants, to delivery and the management of manufacturing waste. We have no waste to dispose of, since any waste generated by washing the vats is re-used in the manufacturing cycle.

The manufacturing process is based on renewable materials, which means that the carbon footprint is also much smaller than that of oil-based products.

What is the difference between natural, biological, environmentally-friendly and bio-sourced paints?

These terms, which are all widely used, and their synonyms such as green, etc., all refer to the same concept of a paint that is environmentally-friendly, is kind to health and humans; their low impact on their surrounding environment has been proven, at each stage of their life cycle.

However, these terms are strictly governed by law, and cannot be used indiscriminately. If a product is classified as natural (e.g. natural paint), 95% of its components must be natural.

Why is Verdello® only available in the 33 colours in its colour book?

A large number of the pigments used in conventional acrylic paints contain glycol. We wanted all the Verdello colours to be made from mineral pigments, in keeping with the spirit of a 100% renewable and non-toxic paints.

This means that we cannot make the paint in every colour; however, the colours offered to you in the Verdello® colour book guarantee you a VOC-free paint.

Where can you apply Verdello?

Verdello® is a matt-finish interior paint. It can be applied on plaster, Gyproc plaster board, bricks, renders, concrete, and fibre glass, etc.

How do you apply Verdello®?

Verdello® is ready to use and should be applied with a brush or roller. To do so, we recommend our Futura® paintbrush range, and our Microfaser® and Microstar® range for applying it with a roller.

You can also apply it with a paint-gun, but you need to adjust the dilution for the appliance that you are using.

What amount of paint do you need to paint 1 m²?

Verdello® has a theoretical average coverage of +/- 10 m² per litre. This means that you will need 100 ml of Verdello® to paint 1 m², obviously depending on the surface and its preparation.

Where can you find Verdello®?

Verdello® is available at our Leudelange store and at our approved resellers’ stores. You can find a list of resellers on the www.verdello.lu homepage.

Who are we?

Robin, quality in paint

Robin has been manufacturing paint in the little village of Useldange, in western Luxembourg, for over 80 years.

The Robin paint range, which is designed to be used by professionals, is intended for four business sectors, namely construction, industry, bodyworks, and custom work.

The Robin colours combine environmental protection with the highest quality level.

The firm's commitment to protecting the environment leads it to prepare a substantial amount of aqueous phase paints and "high solids" products. Its concern is to reduce the VOC (volatile organic compound) content to a much lower level than that required by the standards.

Robin, everything for painting

Robin also sells an extensive range of accessories for painters and decorators, both in the construction and bodyworks fields, in Useldange and in Leudelange.

A wide selection of floor and wall coatings is available to you at our Leudelange store.

We also offer our customers training sessions focusing on decorative paints, and sessions for bodywork specialists.

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